Munro Mission

Monday 1st August - Sunday 18th September 2011
The Highlands of Scotland

DecAid Munro Mission

Event Donations

Event Sponsors

Brewin Dolphin, one of the UK’s largest independent private client investment managers, is sponsoring DecAid’s Munro Mission in August and September. Their support is invaluable in helping us achieve our challenge to climb all 283 Munros without the aid of any motorised transport.

Nite Watches

Nite Watches have supported the Munro Mission team from the start. Not only have they sponsored the first and last Munro on the challenge but they have also produced a great page for the team on their own website. Nite Watches have also helped with publicity, media coverage and the hunt for other sponsors for the Munro Mission.

A huge thank you to Sue and Chris at the Inver Hotel. Not just for their hospitallity during training for the Munro Mission but also for their help in promoting DecAid and in the hunt for sponsors.

SkyeHi Cullin Mountain Guides

As part of the their training, the Munro Mission team were treated to two days climbing and scrambling in the Cullins by Graham from SkyeHi who will also be assisting the team during the main event.

Seafreedom Kayak

During their training, Tony from Seafreedom Kayak introduced the Munro Mission team to the crossing that they will have to make from Mull to the mainland. Seafreedom Kayak will also very kindly be providing guides for the crossing on 1st August.

L'Art du Vin very kindly donated wine to help DecAid to raise funds and have helped to support the reception at the Inver Hotel for the Munro Mission team.

If you would like to become a sponsor of DecAid we would love to hear from you on or call Rupert on 07709 430 127

283 mountains in just 49 days

More than 1,600 miles on foot and bike

Over 81 miles of vertical ascent

Tom, Alex and Ceri

Tom O'Connell and Alex Robinson completed the challenge in 48 days, 6 hours, 56 minutes.

Tom and Alex summited all 283 Munros, which are Scottish Mountains over 3000ft, in just 49 days without the use of motorised transport. 

However, there was more to their challenge than just ‘Munro Bagging’. The team dedicated every Munro they climbed to servicemen and women whose lives has been lost in Afghanistan over the past 10 years.

They covered 1600 miles using bikes and kayaks but mainly on foot. This required them to cover around 36 miles and summit 6 Munros every day for 49 consecutive days. They also had to climb a total height of 81 vertical miles which is 14.5 times the height of Mt Everest! 

Throughout the 49 days they had to climb an average of one Munro every 4 hours night and day with no breaks so they were almost continually always on their move. You can read the full story of how they got on here

The whole team would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported them along the way and everyone who donated.

Image Gallery

Open Tom O'Connell

Tom O'Connell

DecAid Co-Founder and Munro Mission Team Leader

Tom has been a member of Exeter University Officer Training Corps since he started at Exeter University and, in his second year, was made Junior Under-Officer and appointed Platoon Sergeant. In the same year he was elected Russian Subject Chair which required him to represent all students studying Russian in meetings held with the University. Amongst other things Tom enjoys running, cycling and hill walking. He is a qualified Mountain Leader and loves spending time in the hills. Tom is also a keen triathlete and has run numerous marathons. The most notable of which were run in autumn 2008 when he and four others completed 5 marathons in 5 days in the 5 countries of the UK and Ireland. Not only this but the marathon routes included the highest mountain in each of these countries. The team raised £13,000 for charity. In March 2009 Tom was part of the team that broke the World Record for the largest team to complete a marathon linked together. He is currently studying Russian and Spanish at Exeter University and will be graduating in 2011. When not at University he lives at home with his family in Cornwall.

07971 159 083
Open Sarah Keane

Sarah Keane

Munro Mission Support Team Leader

Sarah enjoys a challenge, especially one with a good cause. Her experiences in the university finals of the FLUX business competition in 2009 year honed organisational and managerial skills which she first learnt as head girl at school, and whilst working completing the Duke of Edinburgh awards. During FLUX she was specifically responsible for calculating the teams profit projections and assessing finances. She was an integral part of the team and its project development. The use of the Xing game, around which the Flux competition is modelled, enabled her to gain a thorough understanding of business planning, marketing, pitching, negotiating, and working with experts and sponsors. In the cultivation of the DecAid support team she will be using the Xing game as a teaching aid to help group members to develop the skills they need to make the events a success.Sarah enjoys charity fundraising and running charity events. Sarah is particularly well suited to leading the support team for this event as she is a qualified mountain leader, and so well adapted to working in challenging environments. She also helped to support the Exeter University Officer Training Corps record breaking marathon team (including Tom, Stu and Rupert) in March 2009. This experience showed her how an effective support team can be run for the perspective of a team member. She is currently studying History and Economics at Exeter, as well as having taken a leadership module to help her preparation for the event.

07852 569 646
Open Lucy Taylor DecAid

Lucy Taylor

Munro Mission Media Team

Lucy is a member of Exeter University Athletics Club, and has taken part in numerous half marathons including the Great West Run. She enjoys all things outdoors, and spent time working for an eco-tourism company in the Indian Himalayas, trekking in the mountains, and leading walking groups in the foothills. Her love of the outdoors stems from extensive hill walking on Dartmoor, and prior to Exeter organised a team to complete her Gold Duke of Edinburgh award in Scotland. Lucy will graduate this summer from Exeter University where she has studied Geography. At Exeter she worked for Flagship Public Relations, assisting the Regional Director with travel and tourism organisations. Combined with internship experience at Tarsus, one of the UK's largest event managers she has a thorough insight into the organisation required for large scale events.


Sophie Archibald

Munro Mission Media Team

Sophie is studying Psychology (graduating this year) but when not at uni in Exeter she lives in Edinburgh with her family. Her love for hill walking and the Scottish highlands was sparked at a young age after summiting Ben Achie at the ripe age of 5. With an ex-Gurkha Engineer Officer Father and a Grandfather who was a Royal Scots Officer and volunteered for the Commandos, the armed forces have always been part of her life. With many friends in or returned from Afghanistan, Sophie has an insight into the sacrifices laid by soldiers and their families, and has huge levels of appreciation for it. She has ongoing involvement with her Father’s regular fund-raising events for the Gurkha Welfare Trust including the Gurkha Highlander walk in 2008 which saw him and 6 Gurkhas walk coast to coast from Mallaig to Stonehaven in 8 days: 200 miles across the Scottish Highlands. She is therefore only too aware of the logistics, training and commitment involved in a large scale outdoor endeavour like this. She wishes to pursue a career in marketing and advertising and so is greatly enjoying her role in the Munro Mission Media team. She thinks DecAid is a truly fantastic cause and so wants you to JOIN THE MISSION!!

Open Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson

Runner and Training Co-ordinator

Alex is a second year student at the university of Exeter

Open Ceri Green

Ceri Green


Ceri joined the army at the age of 17 and has served around the world, he is now settled in Exeter with his wife and daughter, serving with EUOTC as the Adjutant. Fitness has always been very important to Ceri, and having completed his first marathon with a team from EUOTC at the age of 49, he thought that the Munro Mission of 283 peaks was the next obvious challenge. Ceri sees completing this challenge as a tribute to all personnel who have seen service in Afghanistan and is honoured to be part of the DecAid team.

Open Becky Roby

Becky Roby

Support Team Member

Becky is a keen sports woman with a strong interest in all adventurous activities. Becky represented her country at the age of 17 playing under-19's rugby against Canada, and has continued to play high level rugby ever since. In her second year at Exeter University Becky was awarded a sports scholarship and took up captaincy of the University squad. She has qualifications in rock climbing, and has undertaken several adventurous expeditions, ranging from the Duke of Edinburgh award to a month long World Challenge expedition to Ecuador. Becky successfully completed her first triathlon in the summer of 2009, and in June 2010 won gold in the Bali Triathlon. Becky has just finished volunteering at an Environmental NGO in Siberia as part of her year abroad, and will return to the UK in July 2010 to finish her degree in International Relations and Russian Language at Exeter.

Open Lewis Ashton

Lewis Ashton

Support Team Member

Lewis is currently studying civil engineering at Plymouth University and is a first year member of EUOTC, Lewis has much experience in the procurement of funding for charity causes and non-profit organisations. Past achievements include obtaining the funding, designing and managing the construction of an outdoor drama amphitheatre, securing funding and assistance for an electric-powered vehicle project, as well as lobbying and assisting in the raising of funds for a new school minibus. Lewis’s spells at BTR Rally Preparations, M-Sport; the company behind Ford World Rally Team, Wallis Business Services and Nissan’s European Technology Centre amongst others, put him in good stead to help attract sponsorship and assist in the more technical elements of the support team. A love of the outdoors and camping as well as previously competing in orienteering championships and completing the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, also positions him as an ideal candidate for the support team. The DecAid Appeal and the charities they are helping is a cause particularly close to Lewis’s heart. His cousin who is currently serving with the Royal Engineers and is on tour in Afghanistan, has been injured whilst on tour and although his injuries weren’t serious and he has recovered. Lewis knows intimately the dangers posed and the anguish which forces families can suffer.

Open Stu Buchan

Stu Buchan

Support Team Member

Apart from studying for a degree, Stuart regularly enjoys running, cycling and working out in the gym. His main passions are climbing and mountaineering. He has recently returned from a successful mountaineering trip in the Swiss Alps having climbed several 4000m peaks. Stuart is also a keen adventure racer having competed in the renowned Original Mountain Marathon. In March 2009 Stu was also part of the team that broke the World Record for the largest team to complete a marathon linked together. Stu took on the the Bob Graham Round in the Lake District in April 2010. Stuart is studying History and Middle Eastern Studies at Exeter University. He will be graduating in 2011. On finishing his degree he hopes to attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and gain a commission into the Parachute Regiment.

Open Jamie Neasham

Jamie Neasham

Support Team Member

Jamie studies Product Design at the University of Plymouth, and regularly enjoys, running, cycling and skiing, as well as various water sports such as surfing and diving. At the start of 2010 he represented Exeter UOTC at Exercise Spartan Hike, the UK-based Army cross-country skiing competition in France, where he won several individual medals and helped Exeter win the champion UOTC award. Jamie also completed the infamous Birkebeiner, a gruelling 54km ski marathon in Norway with temperatures reaching well below zero. Aside from this he took part in the Bob Graham Round in the Lake District a 70 mile, 24 hour challenge. On finishing his degree he hopes to attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and gain a commission into the Army Air Corps.


Henry Munns

Support Team Member

I was born in Plymouth but have moved alot, as my farther is an officer in the Royal Navy. Having lived in Italy, Norway and Scotland I now reside in Portsmouth. I am currently studying Economics at Plymouth Universty with an interest to go into politics or policy. I made the decision to support and help DecAid because I have always been surrounded by the military, especially after attending the Royal Hospital School a naval school in Suffolk, which allows me to have a great understanding of the demands and strains that our service personnel go through while on tour in Afghanistan. I will be helping the team by acting as a guide on some parts of the route and also as a sherpa to ensure that their equipment is in the correct place.


Charlotte Elson

Support Team Member

Charlotte Elson, from Newton Abbot in Devon, studying Art History at Plymouth University. I got involved with the Munro Mission because I believe in it's message and I wanted to support the team, and the bereaved families joining them, in their physical challenge. I feel it is a fulfilling way to honour the Armed Forces and recognise the sacrifices made in the Afghanistan conflict as well as it being a humbling experience.


Casey Fuke

Support Team Member


Bonnie Long

Support Team Member

Bonnie is in her first year at Plymouth University studying photography.


Josef Malcolm Williams

Josef studies Surf Technology at Plymouth university


Kimberly Hudson-Somenthal

Kimberley is studying Psychology and is in her second year at Plymouth university.


Sally Webb

Support Team Member

Sally is from a Wiltshire village, near RAF Lyneham. She is soon to graduate from Exeter University with a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science. She joined the Munro Mission team to enable her to do her part for all those who are currently serving or have served over the 10 years in Afghanistan. As well as being an active member of EUOTC, and in her final year being appointed the position of Platoon Sergeant she also enjoys swimming, running and many more sports.


If you would like more details on this event or to find out how you can get involved then please contact Tom O'Connell at or on 07971159083

Be There!

Pete Goss MBE, British Yachtsman and Former Royal MarinePete Goss - DecAid

"I first heard about DecAid over a year ago when it was still in the early planning stages and I was immediately grabbed by how ambitious the project was. Since then, I have taken a keen interest in following the teams progress. In organising these events they have taken on a huge challenge but I have every confidence that they will achieve their aims. As a physical challenge, the Munro Mission stands out and the fact that the team will be dedicating a mountain to someone who has lost their life in Afghanistan over the last 10 years adds an extra element of poignancy to what they will be doing. The young team may lack experience in organising such challenges but their passion and commitment towards the cause more than makes up for this and I have no doubt that they will be successful in achieving their aims. The team are organising these events for all the right reasons and I give them my full support and wish them the best of luck for the year ahead."

Gemma Atkinson, Model and ActressGemma Atkinson - DecAid

“Our troops have been in Afghanistan for the last 10 years. Please show your appreciation to the soldiers and their families by supporting the ‘Munro Mission’ and the DecAid Appeal. Thank you.”

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Explorer

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, DecAid

 “After many years’ service in the British Army, I know how important it is for  the armed forces to know they have support at home.  I am deeply impressed  that these 45 students are prepared to give up so much time to DecAid and it is  particularly pertinent given that so many of the injured or killed service  personnel are of the same age group as these volunteers.  Nearly two years of  organisation and the amazing physical challenges they are undertaking  as fund-raising efforts, represent a commitment that is truly admirable. 

 Of all the DecAid events, the Munro Mission is a particularly  impressive way of raising money for the three service charities,  while also remembering those who have lost their lives in the  conflict [through the dedication of individual mountains to people  who have died in Afghanistan].  The 1,600 mile route must be one  of the most demanding physical challenges within the UK.  I  encourage everyone to support the DecAid appeal and to join the  Munro Mission, or any of the other events.  

 I applaud this young team for showing their support for the armed forces in  this way, on their tenth anniversary in Afghanistan”.


Gordon Brown, Former Prime Minister

Gordon Brown DecAid

"I pay tribute to all those serving in Afghanistan at the moment and to their contribution to the security of this country - the quality and commitment of our armed forces is unsurpassed. Those who have lost their lives in the service of this country will never be forgotten, and DecAid’s ‘Munro Mission’ to surmount and dedicate every mountain in Scotland will be a fitting tribute to those who have fallen. We must also do all we can to assist those servicemen and women who have been injured in service – and I applaud DecAid’s appeal to raise money for three vital service charities dedicated to this task."



If you would like more details on this event or to find out how you can get involved then please contact Tom O'Connell at or on 07971159083

Be there!

The team will travel the length and breadth of Scotland in their quest to climb all 283 Munros

Click here to see the team's route! 


A total distance travelled of more than 1, 600 miles - the equivalent of traveling form Land's end to John O'Groats...twice!

More than 81 miles of vertical ascent - the same as climbing Mount Everest fourteen and a half times


This challenging route including the summit of every Munro is made tougher by the condition that it must be completed without the use of any motorised transport for the runners.

The team will be making their trip from South to North. They will start with Ben More on the Isle of Mull and zigzag north finishing on the summit of Ben Hope, the most northern Munro.

On average they will be running and cycling 36 miles every day – that’s ten miles more than a marathon.

Because the team cannot use the ferries, they will need to kayak from the Isle of Mull and across Loch Lomond.


If you would like more details on this event or to find out how you can get involved then please contact Tom O'Connell at or on 07971159083

Thank you to everyone who supported us. You can still get involved in a couple of ways!

- 'Sponsor a Munro' - For just £150 you can sponsor your very own Munro! Why not join together with friends, family or colleagues and sponsor a Munro in remembrance of one of the servicemen or women whose life has been lost in Afghanistan. Click here for more information

- Make a donation -  Click here to donate to the Munro Mission. However large or small, you can be sure that 100% of the money you donate will go straight to our three charities.


If you would like more details on this event or to find out how you can get involved then please contact Tom O'Connell on or 07971159083

Be There!

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If you would like more details on this event or to find out how you can get involved then please contact Tom O'Connell at or on 07971159083


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