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Samantha Bond
Best known for her role as Moneypenny in James Bond

Sam Bond

"Bond couldn't do what he does without me behind him. Likewise DecAid needs your support with Stretched to the Limit in Wales. Moneypenny would have loved to be carried up Snowdon by Bond. If only we could enter! 

If you are not easily shaken or stirred show your support by taking part in a DecAid event today."


Charlotte Church
Singer-songwriter, actress and television presenterCharlotte Church DecAid

"It is so important to support our Armed Forces after everything they have done in Afghanistan over the past 10 years. I would encourage everyone to get behind DecAid which is doing so much to encourage people of our age group to show their support for our brave service men and women. 

It is great to see that one of DecAid's main events, Stretched to the Limit, will take place in Wales. It will be a huge challenge for all of those teams to carry stretchers up Snowdon but I wish them the best of luck in their crazy endeavours!"


Miranda Hart
Comedy actress and writer, dog owner and wannabe pop starMiranda Hart DecAid

“Our Armed Forces have been working tirelessly in Afghanistan for the last 10 years. DecAid is working hard to recognise all those who have made sacrifices during the conflict. It is so important to show them we care and they have our full support. Please ‘Join the Mission’ and support our troops. Thank you.” 


Jason Manford
Jason Manford DecAid

"I have seen the work various service related charities do and it never ceases to amaze me that you can dedicate so much to those service personnel who need you at what must be the hardest time of their lives. 

I hope you raise the money you need to help those who need it the most, and please pass on my best to all the team working for free to make DecAid's dream a reality."


Alex JonesAlex Jones
Co-host on BBC 1's The One Show

“I’m delighted to support DecAid! It is a brilliant appeal set up by such enterprising students. It is so important for us all to support our troops that have served out in Afghanistan.  I wish all those involved the very best of luck.”

Gemma AtkinsonGemma Atkinson
Actress and Model

“Our troops have been in Afghanistan for the last 10 years. Please show your appreciation to the soldiers and their families by supporting the ‘Munro Mission’ and the DecAid Appeal. Thank you.”

Tony BlairTony Blair
Former Prime Minister

"I am constantly humbled and amazed by the tenacity of our armed forces. They are the bravest and the best in the world. The courageous men and women in our armed forces have made, and continue to make, enormous sacrifices for the security of our country and indeed our world.

Marking a decade in Afghanistan is not just appropriate in itself, but is an effective way of marking and honouring our armed forces; some of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives for their country.

I am so delighted that a group of students have taken up this cause and are doing so voluntarily – at a time when it is all too easy to pick on young people. DecAid shows that the youth of Britain can and do effect positive change."


Red Hot Chilli PipersRed Hot Chilli Pipers
Maybe the most famous bagpipe group in the world!

"The Scottish military and Regiments have been big supporters and patrons of the bagpipes and its music for hundreds of years. The Red Hot Chilli Pipers are thankful for that and are right behind our lads and lassies in the Armed Services in Afghanistan and we have appreciated the many emails we get from them! Thank you for keeping up the great traditions and fearsome reputations of our Scottish Regiments!"

Michael PalinMichael Palin
Travel writer and television presenter

“I can think of no better cause to support than DecAid’s help for all those in the Armed Forces who’ve served in Afghanistan, many of whom need help to rebuild their lives.”

Photo copyright John Swannell 


Gordon Brown Gordon Brown
Former Prime Minister

"I pay tribute to all those serving in Afghanistan at the moment and to their contribution to the security of this country - the quality and commitment of our armed forces is unsurpassed. Those who have lost their lives in the service of this country will never be forgotten, and DecAid’s ‘Munro Mission’ to surmount and dedicate every mountain in Scotland will be a fitting tribute to those who have fallen. We must also do all we can to assist those servicemen and women who have been injured in service – and I applaud DecAid’s appeal to raise money for three vital service charities dedicated to this task."


Sir Ranulph Fiennes Sir Ranulph Fiennes

“After many years’ service in the British Army, I know how important it is for the armed forces to know they havesupport at home.  I am deeply impressed that these 45 students are prepared to give up so much time to DecAid and it is particularly pertinent given that so many of the injured or killed service personnel are of the same age group as these volunteers.  Nearly two years of organisation and the amazing physical challenges they are undertaking as fund-raising efforts, represent a commitment that is truly admirable. 

Of all the DecAid events, the Munro Mission is a particularly impressive way of raising money for the three service charities, while also remembering those who have lost their lives in the conflict [through the dedication of individual mountains to people who have died in Afghanistan].  The 1,600 mile route must be one of the most demanding physical challenges within the UK.  I encourage everyone to support the DecAid appeal and to join the Munro Mission, or any of the other events.  

I applaud this young team for showing their support for the armed forces in this way, on their tenth anniversary in Afghanistan”.


Bear Grylls Bear Grylls

"DecAid is doing vital life changing work to help those British soldiers injured in the line of duty. I admire both the soldiers and DecAid's mission so much, and I feel a real sense of duty to get behind them and help them in their goal. Rarely have our troops needed supportlike they do today. Thank you for standing up for these brave soldiers. I for one, am in and proud! Now, where do I donate!?"


David Cameron MP David Cameron
Prime Minister

“I cannot think of a more important cause than the work you are doing to  raise awareness and support our remarkable armed forces amongst the younger generations, and in doing so  to help service charities. It is so important that, as a country, we fully recognise what our soldiers, sailors and airmen do on our behalf, the service they give to our country and the immense sacrifices they make every day of the week. I very much hope that DecAid will be the outstanding success that it deserves to be.”


Commodore Jamie Miller CBE Jamie Miller
Naval Regional Commander (Wales and Western England)

"As the senior Naval officer responsible for community engagement, Youth, emergencies, Recruiting and Reserve Forces for a quarter of England I have been associated with DecAid since its inception - I have a huge admiration forDecAid and for its founding inspiration, Exeter University Officer Training Corps.

The mission, the concept and the fund-raising activities over the span of a year are visionary and humbling.  The DecAidprotagonists are doing so much for those who have served, have fallen or been injured in Afghanistan – as one who has been in harm's way a few times, from the Falklands to the Gulf I know the true value of what the DecAid teams stand for– and with very grateful thanks, salute them."


Simon Bryant

Air Chief Marshal Sir Simon Bryant KCB, CBE
Commander-in-Chief Air Command

"Support for the Armed Forces is ever welcome and the DecAidinitiative to mark the 10 years that we have been operating in Afghanistan is excellent. I wish the young people behind this project every success in a most worthy endeavour." 


Alan Rowe MBEAlan Rowe
Founder of 'The Baton'

"From my first meeting with Rupert I could see the drive and aspiration to achieve something special, DecAid is an exciting initiative that I'm very proud to be associated with.

I believe that all concerned with DecAid's inception and organisation should be congratulated, DecAid deserves the best possible support as it represents a great deal of what is good about our country, young people striving in their own time to stand by and promote their beliefs, at the same time raising valuable funds for deserving charities. 

I wish DecAid the success it truly deserves - go for it team!"


Pete Goss MBEPete Goss
British Yachtsman and former Royal Marine

"I first heard about DecAid over a year ago when it was still in the early planning stages and I was immediately grabbed by how ambitious the project was. Since then, I have taken a keen interest in following the teams progress. In organising these events they have taken on a huge challenge but I have every confidence that they will achieve their aims. As a physical challenge, the Munro Mission stands out and the fact that the team will be dedicating a mountain to someone who has lost their life in Afghanistan over the last 10 years adds an extra element of poignancy to what they will be doing. The young team may lack experience in organising such challenges but their passion and commitment towards the cause more than makes up for this and I have no doubt that they will be successful in achieving their aims. The team are organising these events for all the right reasons and I give them my fullsupport and wish them the best of luck for the year ahead."


Andrew Robathan MP
Minister for Defence Personnel Welfare and VeteransAndrew Robathan DecAid

“[I am] impressed by the effort being put into raising over £350,000 by people under the age of 25 for existing service charities. This is something that I wholeheartedly endorse and I wish you well. My only regret is that I will not be able to join you in your Munro Mission!”


Dr Liam Fox MP
Secretary of State for Defence 

Dr Liam Fox DecAid"As a nation, we should count ourselves fortunate that we have men and women who are willing to volunteer to put themselves in harm's way for the security of their fellow citizens. While there has been a great outpouring of feeling for our armed forces in recent years, it is essential that we celebrate their aims and successes and support their mission as well as mourning their losses. In a world where people are looking for role models, the best of example can be found in the men and women of our armed forces."


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